Box with rocks

2002: case piece; walnut, wax twine, ash, granite beach stones; size unrecorded.

My second piece built during my time at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, the assignment being to make a case piece with at least one drawer and one door.

The door is counterbalanced with the rocks, such that only the lightest touch on the center spine, back to open and forward to close, results in the door moving on its horizontal pivot hinge as if engaged by a spring or pressurized cylinder.

The drawer on the piece is within the upper portion of the carcass, revealed only when the door is open. The splines are tapered, dovetailed, and pegged. No glue is used in the construction of the door. The carcass itself is constructed with dovetail joinery at the corners. The finish is tung oil.

Box with rocks

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