Osage orange bowl

Bowl: 2008; Macular pomifera; approx. 7 ½” dia. by 5 5/8″ high.

Bowl turned from osage orange logs harvested by an arborist, about 19 September 2008. After buying a new chain saw, I was finally able to start bucking the pile, much of which will find its way to the fireplace.

The wood was turned green, kept in a plastic bag as I struggle with its shape. Final dimensions are 7 9/16″ wide at the rim (7″ inside) by 5 5/8″ high (4″ deep inside). The foot rises 1/2″ high before breaking outward.

The sides and bottom, in particular, are thicker and heavier than I would like but I had a nice interior shape and was growing impatient with the time devoted to this bowl. Finish is salad bowl oil with three coats of wax.

Plans are to give this as a gift but I still need to tweak the finish. Some of the wax did not buff as nicely as it should due to vibration from the bowl (as it is no longer true-to-round at this stage).

Update: I gave this as a gift to my brother and it later developed a significant crack as it dried further. After some time, the shape came back into line and, to the best of my knowledge, the crack is no longer apparent.


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