Cabinet fronts

Kitchen cabinet fronts: 2015; reclaimed cabinet fronts; unfinished. Carcasses by other.

Still a work in progress, the wood for these cabinet fronts are on their fourth life. (Fifth if you count the tree.) Purportedly once installed as paneling in a church, the materials were first reused as cabinet fronts in this very kitchen. Some years after that first application, the cabinets were changed and the fronts changed with them, being cut and reshaped as needed.

Then it was my turn. With a need to be even more daring, some new pieces were milled (savaged from an existing wood floor which itself was once reclaimed from the floors of box cars) to stretch the widths of some of the panels and build new shapes in their entirety (e.g. the drawer fronts under and to the left of the sink).

Cabinet fronts

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