Dining room cabinets

Dining room cabinets: 2015; approx. 2m long by 86cm tall.

These three cabinets are of an MDF exterior (medium) to be receive a painted finish upon completion of this portion of the apartment. The two cabinets on the right each include three interior trays of marine grade plywood with oil-wax finish. The trays are supported by full-extension undercount glides of varying depths, the longest being nearly a meter long. The carcasses are of oak veneer plywood with a water based polyurethane finish. The unit on the left is a built-in freezer. The top is temporary, to be replaced in it’s final form with stone. At that time, ends panels will be provided to match the adjacent wall and the electrical outlets will be built into a backsplash with the top.

Dining room cabinets

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