Picture Rail

Built to not just hang prints but also to support album covers, this picture rail was built as a gift for friends.

The bi-folding, flush doors seen in the corners of 2 images are my paid work — built to close their salon when in use as a bedroom for overnight guests.

The rail is built with 4 pieces: a backer (1) which anchors the assembly to the wall, an upper rail (2) to support the album covers (the final was grooved, not lipped), a dowel (3) to support hooks for framed prints; in concert with the dowel, a cove (4) finishes the backing wall support and echoes the original crown of the space. Those two pieces also work together to conceal the wall anchors.

The wood is clear pine, selected for its light weight and paintability. Painting the rail was essential — not just to maintain the spirit of the apartment trim but for adjusting the rail to walls that are neither straight nor square.

Picture Rail

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